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  1. Asking for a password??

    Am I missing something here It's asking for a password to follow the tuts? ummm? I tried "all of peanut butter sandwiches", but it didn't work Where do I find this password? Help!


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    lol - that would be a fantastic password!

    Am not quite sure what you mean. I have just been to the tutorials page here and haven't needed a password at all. Is that where you are looking?

  3. pw

    here is the message I keep getting when trying to read the tut When I click on the tut, a window opens and I can either save or open, I choose open.. it will open up photoshop and then this message appears... am I loosin' it? lol

  4. These are tutorials you are getting from our Tutorials page? Most of them are in .pdf form so I do not know why Photoshop is what is launching when you click on a tutorial link here.
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  5. hmmmm?

    hmmmm? interesting... maybe I'll try saving them first, then try opening it..

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    The tuts in this forum dont give you the option to save or open, they just automatically open.

  7. Well the ones I'm trying to get to do.

  8. Ok, here it is step by step what I'm doing...

    1 - up to the top of the page to "resources"

    2 - down to tutorials

    3 - click on making your first layout (in photoshop)

    4 - and this is what I'm getting:

    That's ok, I'll just look for tutorials somewhere else..

  9. Oh I think I fugured it out! Do you have adobe acrobat on your computer? That's what they open with so maybe if you don't have it the file just tries to save.

  10. scrappintwins, you ARE my hero You're exactly right, I don't have that on my pcwoow, I'm not loosing it after all.. Well I'm off to find adobe acrobat so I can catch up on the tuts... thanks so much!!

    Password case, CLOSED!!!

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