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Thread: Anyone from Houston, Texas?

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    Anyone from Houston, Texas?

    I'm a new scrapper in Katy, Texas, 30 minutes west of Houston. I would love to find other digital scrappers to share techniques and ideas with.


  2. I'm from Katy

    I live in Katy. I am fairly new to Digital scraping but have paper scrapped for 10 yrs. I also like to knit and crochet. I am working on a cable sweater right now.

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    I am in Pearland ... anyone on the South side?



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    So there's three of us out here in Katy!

    Do you both still do any "traditional" paper crafting? As in, get-together in the works?!?
    Queen Pamedalah :)
    B CN U

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    Scrappers in Katy

    I don't do traditional scrapbooking, though I thought about trying it about 10 years ago.

    Katy, TX

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    Well what techniques would you like to share!? Let's get crackin'! LOL

    Let's start with what program are the Texans using? (by saying Texans, we can include {raisingAlexis} who lives soooo far away! )

    I'm PSE5. Just switched in August after 8 years on PSP (ver 7-9), but I only ever did photo touch ups, etc. I did my first digital layout in August and have been on a fun learning curve since! And I find that I'm doing more scrapping for me!!
    Queen Pamedalah :)
    B CN U

  7. I do both paper and digital. But most of my digital so far has been with quick pages. I am trying to learn photoshop slowly but surely. Do you all work away from home. I work at Curves but it is only 2 days a week from 3 pm to 6 pm. Not really work, alot more fun really.

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