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Thread: Suddebly can't install actions in PSE 5 (I have done it before???)

  1. Suddenly can't install actions in PSE 5 (I have done it before???)

    Update- somehow Vista decided to have "hidden folders again"- I changed it to show all folders in control panel, and it works now. :)I have tons of actions installed so I've done this before but suddenly today as I'm trying to install another .atn, I can't find the right path.

    I click "users" and don't have "all users"- I get either Public folder or my husband's folder and neither have "application data". I look in C: and can only find "Program Files". I swear a "Program data" folder used to be there.

    I'm desperately trying to finish layouts for my students so I can get them mailed out and would LOVE to be able to use my nifty new "Prepare for Print" action.

    Thanks in advance for ANY help!!!
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  2. Dang that Vista!! Glad you found it. I'm sure others will have that issue too!!
    Just take it..."One Memory At A Time"
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