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Thread: New Black Tie Kit-WANT IT FOR FREE?

  1. Arrow New Black Tie Kit-WANT IT FOR FREE?

    Ohhhh, YES,YES,YES I do! It is such a sexy kit but oh so versatile. I'm doing
    my first & eldest grandaughters wedding coming up in 3 weeks & it would be
    I'm crazy about the swirly frame as well. The black paper is gorgeous & I'm
    nuts about doodles. What more can I say? I also love the negative's all too nice to pick any one thing.I have my fingers x'd.

  2. I love the red swirly circle frame.....but I really like everything else too!!! LOL! :)

  3. Love your doodle frames - all of them! This kit is a "must-have"!

  4. I already have the kit, but my favorite is definitely the circle swirly frame. The black and white striped paper is a close runner-up, though!
    Mrs. Mordecai @ Be It Ever So Humble

  5. Sorry not to be original but my fave is definitely the black floral frame with the little red flowers.

  6. My favorite part is the circle frames with the swirlies. I love them.

  7. unruly

    I love the swirly flower border...beautiful kit

  8. Thumbs up black-tie kit... WANT IT!!

    i love the b&w swirly paper!! i love many things about this kit. but since i have to pick only one, i'll go with that! Thanks!

  9. I love the swirls, the bows and the fun flowers!! However wins is in for a treat! Thanks so much!!

  10. #30
    I absolutely love all of the frames...I can't make my up my mind which one I like best, so they are all #1.

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