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Thread: Layout Uno

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    Layout Uno

    Let's try a new game! This one's called Layout Uno.

    The concept of the game is similar to the card game Uno, where you have to match the card on top of the discard pile in either number or color.

    This game will go a little beyond that and will get us to share some love, as well!

    How Layout Uno works:

    The Layout on the top of the 'pile' (the last layout mentioned in this thread!) is the one that you will have to match. First you will go to this layout and leave some love.

    Then search the gallery for a layout that has something that the currently layout has - it could be a same color paper or elelment, or a matching element, or swirls or stitching - as long as both layouts have it, they 'match'!

    Once you find a matching layout, leave it some love as well and then post that matching layout in the thread, making sure to say why it matches the previous layout (because sometimes it might be hard to tell).

    So, we get a fun game and we get to share the love!

    I'll play a round just so you can get a handle on the game.

    Here is the first layout:

    And here is the layout that I'm playing as a match:

    It 'matches' because it also has a butterfly element in it.

    Ok, so I hope you are getting the idea.

    Next up, match something in the last layout that I 'played'. Just remember to leave it some love, as well as the layout that you find to 'match' it!

    Last edited by leenielouwho; 06-16-2008 at 06:38 PM. Reason: Fixed duplicate URL - second is the one that I actually chose, but it looks like everyone's got the concept! Yay!

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    OOps Eileen the links are the same.

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    cool idea... both links were for the same photo but I understand the same concept...

    the last layout you linked had 2 I'm matching that with a layout that also has 2 photos...

    here's my link

    now someone can pick anything from this layout to match to another layout, to play UNO off of, right?
    mom to Katie and Lizzie

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    Great game.
    Here's mine. Im going with using the same kit.

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    I chose greenery and so here's a layout by Victoria32...
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    I chose a LO by the same creator ... just love this wedding page that Victoria created.

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    I chose a lo that also had a heart in it.

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    Looks like even though I screwed up the original post that everyone's got the concept and the game is going strong! Great job!

    I chose this layout because it also has a bride in it.

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    cool idea ...

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    I chose this because it also has a frame cluster

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