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Thread: What kind of camera do you use?

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    Canon Powershot SD880 IS Digital Elph--purchased it in February 2009

    This is such a portable camera, but it really works fantastic!!! It even has a pretty good macro feature which is a LOT of fun to play with. It captures amazing video. I was trained to expect the grainy, poor quality video from from my first digital camera. I didn't take much video while I was on vacation. But when I got home and saw the incredible video sharpness I was bummed that I hadn't taken more video of those wonderful waves of the ocean...
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    I just received my new Canon Rebel Xsi and have a lot to learn. I have taken seven or eight pictures so far, all on fully automatic, and they look wonderful.

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    Canon G10

    Just recently purchased this camera - a little more money than I planned on spending but I love it. No regrets.

  4. I'm using Canon 20D and various lenses (50mm, 60mm+macro, 17-40mm, 8mm.... etc)


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    My DH has the Sony A100 DSLR with some awesome lenses with it, but I am a little intimidated by it. So, I just bought me the Fuji Finepix S1500. It is a 10MP with a 12X zoom. I haven't had lots of chances to use it yet, but so far love it. It will give me the opportunity to learn and then hopefully be able to use the A100 and not feel scared. Hopefully next month I can take the Photography classes. This month it just wasn't in the budget

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    I just purchased the Canon SX10 10.0 mp., 20X zoom. LOVE IT!! I had an older model and sold it because it was a bit bulky, bought the Nikon point and shoot to replace it, was never happy with the Nikon. It was a good camera if all you want to do is point and shoot. So I traded the sleek, fit-in-my purse point and shoot for the bulkier Canon but have NO regrets! Great close ups, but you have to have a "very" steady hand or use a tri-pod! I take this camera with me everywhere I go, bulky or not...

  7. I have a Canon 40D with the Speedlite 580exII, 28-135mm, 50 f/1.8, 85 f/1.8.
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  8. I'm a Nikon girl. I am currently using the D40 but I have outgrown it and am dying to upgrade. Once the finances allow, I will probably upgrade to the D300 or, if I am really lucky, the D700. Going to be a long while though before that happens.

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    I respect the Nikons because they are great cameras, but I am a Canon fan. I have been using the Rebel XT since it came out and I love it. I have just upgraded to the Rebel XT1i, and am having a grand time learning to use it. The pictures I get are fantastic. My favorite lens is a 50mm.
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    A couple months ago my husband and I bought the Nikon D5000 and I absolutely love it! We have the 2 lenses for different zoom options. I definitely recommend it!

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