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Thread: What kind of camera do you use?

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    Oh my goodness, that picture is just sooooo beautiful! I love it! I so wish I had pictures of my girls like this - I didn't know squat about cool newborn pictures when my oldest was born and Abbie didn't come home from the hospital til she was over a week old and then I was sooooo worried about getting any kind of germs on her (the NICU terrified me with stories about preemie babies and germs) that I was too scared to try any really artsy pics with her. I'm so glad that you have that one - I'm sure you'll get some that are just as beautiful with the baby! See, this is proof that, while a great camera is great, true beauty in photographs comes when there's love on the other side of the lens!
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    We dh and I have a canon XTI, just upgraded. Now the lenses.. he just bought a wide angel on ebay......oh my!!!

  3. Kodak and Panasonic

    I have a Kodak P850 which is 12x zoom, 5 mp. It is almost two years old so it has of course been replaced by other models. I believe Kodak has a new one coming out soon called the Z885 which looks similar but don't know the specs on it. I have been very happy with it! However, I always wanted a smaller camera with decent zoom and megapixels to carry with me on "anytime" basis as I tend to be lazy. My husband came through this Christmas and got me a Panasonic LZ5 which cost about $179 at the time, but I know it has dropped in price as again newer models came out. I am VERY happy with this little camera, it's got a 6x zoom and 6 mp. A little bigger than a lot of the slim, trim ones, but I think I'd rather know I am holding something. It has everything from a simple setting to scene modes. Both of my cameras have Image Stabilization which I think everyone should look for in their cameras, it really helps, it is not perfect but it helps! My friend got a Nikon L6 and it's much simpler than mine and it doesn't have Image Stabilization and she just gave me some of her pictures, it is capable of taking very nice shots, but I think she's having trouble finding a good basic setting to keep it on as I found her camera is shooting at 800 ISO and she has many blurred shots, so we need to have a photo safari so I can help her get the best use of the camera. Before my husband got mine I was considering the Nikon L5 (which has IS). Another friend has the Sony T10 which is 3x, but I have not seen many of her shots, but I know that also has IS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TraciJ View Post
    I don't have the patience for an SLR camera. I like to take pictures far too much to be fiddling with settings. I have GREAT respect for those that CAN use them and use them well!!
    That's the great thing about a good SLR, They have so many different settings, including fully automatic! Even as a professional, I use the auto settings on occasion

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    I have a Canon S2 IS. I LOVE my camera! I have a very active 15 month old boy and it keeps up with him! We previously had a basic Sony Cybershot that took good pics, too, but it took forever to recharge and shoot. My Canon recharges so fast! It's pretty much a point and shoot, but I can play around with some of the settings if I have time. It really shines when taking outdoor pictures.

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    I have an Olympus D-540. It is slow sometimes, but I won't be able to afford another one for quite some time, so I make do with it. It takes pictures "big" enough for 2ft by 3 ft posters, so I'm truly okay with it. What would I do with more megapixels?? LOL
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    Ok figured I should update and tell ya all about my newest family member... My canon 30D :P

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    Dec 2006
    Pikes Peak Region, Colorado
    We have a Nikon D70 and a Nikon D200 - love them both!! The D200 has some features that the D70 doesn't have and has a higher resolution, though the D70 is lighter. (I've hard that the D80 has the higher quality of the D200 in the lighter body of the D70.) These are our studio cameras, and when I go to an event and want good snapshots, I usually grab the D70.

    I also carry an HP Photosmart M517 (5.1mp) in my purse, because I don't want to miss a single photographic opportunity . Though the HP is OK, I was so much happier with my previous point 'n shoot (it was a kodak DX3600 and only 2.2mp), the HP really eats the batteries and the zoom lense isn't as good quality - but after 5 years of use (and abuse, LOL) the kodak finally played out .

    OK, so now that you've read a novel about my cameras, back to your regularly scheduled forum reading, hehehe.
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    Traci, that is a priceless photo and also a good story to boot.

    I started out with the Sony Mavica and wasn't happy with what I paid for it and the slowness of it.
    Last year I bought the Nikon D50 which I am still learning. I have both the kit lens and the 70-300 lens. On my SLR Nikon I had one lens, 35-200, and I miss having only one lens. I would say its been a bumpy road. On Memorial Day weekend I took my DD and her GF out for a photo shoot and discovered my lens kit is broken...yikes! I am trying to get away from the automatic mode but its been slow. It would probably help if I opened my new book, Understanding Exposure.
    I also have a Kodak that I stood outside at Best Buy at 3:30 the day after Thanksgiving for. Well, my DD left it at her GF's BF and we have had one heck of a time getting it back. Well, last night after her soccer game we were near their house and got it....and its broken! GRRRR! Don't know if its just the display or if its the whole thing. Wanted that for a purse camera as well as golf, skiing and more.

  10. I know DSLR's are all the rage right now, but I love my Canon G6. I can use it in auto or manual mode. I'm still learning all the settings, but it gives me plenty of flexibility. It's pretty small and easy to carry, though not exactly purse size. I have a wide angle and a telephoto lense. They work differently than the DSLR in that they fit over the regular lense. But they work great. Unfortunately, Canon has moved on to the G7 now which I understand is a completely re-designed. Glad I got my G6.
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