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Thread: What kind of camera do you use?

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    I have a Sony DSC-R1 and I LOVE it!! Definately a great camera!!!

  2. I have the original Canon Digital Rebel 300D. I so want to upgrade though, maybe for Christmas!

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    Apr 2007
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Canon A95

    I have a Canon's been a really good camera. It's 5MP and has a flip out screen that you can turn at any angle. I use it to hold over my head and take shots over crowds. Takes great pictures, but takes 4 AA batteries, so it's kinda chunky to carry. It's quite good and I recommend it.

    As soon as I get a huge chunk of money, I really want to buy the Nikon THAT's a nice camera. Mmm.

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    Dunedin, New Zealand
    What an awesome photo Traci. I love the story.

    At easter, I bought the Kodak easy share z710 and I'm not too impressed. The 6mp version takes much better shots. I know two people with the 650 and their photos are much sharper than mine. One of the people is my dad with his first digital camera.

    Might have to give my partner this camera and go for a new one when finances allow...

  5. I just got a Canon Powershot A640 of my mate for my birthday last week I'm loving how easy it is to use and it even has a setting for children and pets to take good pics of them when they move allot which I had trouble sometime with my other camera allso it takes pics allot quicker my other camera which was a Canon Powershot A310 used to take like nearly a minute to take a photo sometimes it drove me mad cos the kids would move or stop smiling by the time the picture was taken.

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    I use a Kodak Easy Share DX7630. When I bought it three years ago, it was a huge investment for me as a novice photographer ($400). Now, I have my eyes set on the Nikon D40. I'd like to move to a DSLR so that I have a little more versatility. Also, the Kodak is SLOW when it comes to taking flash photos and doesn't have any kind of a burst mode. Action photos are impossible.

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    Sep 2006
    Germantown, MD
    I have the same camera as Paige.
    And I also want a Nikon D40. I was trying to win one. But, my luck, I didn't! LOL

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    If we weren't remodeling our master bath in the next two months, I'ld ask for the new camera for my birthday. BUT, I feel guilty for asking for something that major when we're going to be spending thousands on the house. Usually at Christmas both my 'rents and the inlaws ask what I want---Best Buy DOES sell Nikon, doesn't it??? Perhaps I shall ask for Best Buy gift cards!

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    I have a canon powershot a560. Bought it recently after testing out my cousins canon and I absolutely love it. Was going to buy the a550 but this one is slightly better.

    Course I am still paying for it so I better love it.

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    I have a olympus SP-350 8.0 megapixels 3X optical zoom

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