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Oops--forgot to post one of my favs by Myasmommy!!--"Working in the Garden" This little cutie really looks like she's taking care of those floweres. So sweet!


Ps---I could use a tute on how to get the preview to show up here--If anyone can help out!!
Kim just click on the layout that you want, once it opens right click on the layout and then go all the way down to properties and click on that. A little screen will come up and you will see Address (URL), copy all of that. Then to post it you will see a little yellow box in the spot where you put your comment. The box looks like it has a little mountain in it, click on that and then paste in the address that you copied. To link back to the layout just click on the blue circle with the link and paste the link to the layout in there. What will happen when you click on the blue circle it will highlight the layout.
Hope that's not too confusing for you. Once you do it a few times it's really easy.