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Thread: I have a big favour to ask...

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    I have a big favour to ask...

    As the new site moderator, one of my jobs is to make sure that any layout in the gallery that uses GDS items is linked to the store so it makes it easier for all of us to find those wonderful items if need be...:) So... my favour to all of you is to ask you, well, basically, to do my job for From this point forward, if you use something from the GDS store in a layout, can you please link it back to the store in the section of the gallery called, "GDS Store Items Used". For an example of what I'm talking about, please look at this layout by Holly.

    I am going through and editing layouts that have already been posted to add the links, but I would love you all forever if you could help me with what I've asked above. I really appreciate the support!!!


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    now that's the sign of a great leader - delegation!! wtg Steph - I knew you were a good choice!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by twirlyjoy View Post
    now that's the sign of a great leader - delegation!! wtg Steph - I knew you were a good choice!!
    Amen Joy! We'll all be working for her before it's over ... hehe!

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    store linking

    Hey Steph, I linked all of the layouts in my gallery to the store products to which they belong. So you dont need to worry about doing mine : >

    I noticed as I was going through my gallery, that I have several layouts from really cute mini page kits that Debra, Alice & Rebecca have done.
    Is there a way that they could sell those mini kits in the store after they have given them as daily downloads or for page challenges?
    There are some really cute mini kits and no where special to display the ladies awesome, hard work.
    Just a thought.
    Even if for some reason they didnt want to sell them, is there a special location besides the gallery where recognition could be
    given to those wonderful, Designers?

    I know it up to Holly, and maybe she will read this, and it's just a idea because there has been some very nice daily downloads and mini kits that i'm sure other ladies would love to buy!

    Steph great job delagating the work : >

    Please stop by my Blog for some freebies " )

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    Stop mocking me guys!!!! LOL I'm not delegating... ;) Besides if we all do this together, then I will have more time to make up fun challenges for you guys... lol!!!


  6. He he Steph!

    Hi Leslie, these mini-kits will be offered in our Daily Download Rewind Program...and will also be for sale in the store shortly :)
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Holly you think of everything

    Please stop by my Blog for some freebies " )

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    Steph, I couldn't get the links to my latest LO to fit in that space since I used 2 different kits. It kept truncating the second one. I stuck them (the links) up in the description. Not sure what to do about this. It was odd because it would let me enter all of the information, but then when I would hit submit, poof the rest of the second link was gone.
    Here's the link, if you want to check it out.

    Gotta Dance

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    You did great, gundimom!!!! I'm very impressed!!! Love your layout too!!!


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