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Thread: Hi from Colorado!

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    Hi from Colorado!

    I just found this site and since it looks totally my kind of place, I am gonna jump on in! I must admit I am a lurker when it comes to message boards usually, I guess something here just speaks to me. :)

    I live in lovely Colorado, at least I remember it being lovely, hard telling under all the snow. In fact, I know the last person from Colorado to post an intro here - Hi Melanie, it's me, Holly, from MOMS Club! I have 2 wonderful kiddos, Charlie is 7 and autistic, and Kayla will be 5 at the end of February. Other scrappin' subjects around here are my DH Todd, the dog FatDusty, and the cat Toby. I run a small travel agency out of the house so that I can be with the kids.

    I started sort of kinda almost digital scrapping about a year ago, by which I mean I have finished all of about 5 layouts. I had some sort of thing about "using up all these paper supplies" before I decided to truly switch over, but now that I have my OWN computer, I'm pretty much over that. In fact, I sold the bulk of my paper supplies last week, and am now into organizing all these marvelous digital things I have collected... once I have all that done, I may actually attempt that 6th layout!

    So, anyway... glad to be here, looking forward to getting to know you all!
    ~~GO BEARS!!~~

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    Pikes Peak Region, Colorado
    Quote Originally Posted by Hollyann View Post
    Hi Melanie, it's me, Holly, from MOMS Club!

    Hi, Holly! Nice to see you. You are going to love it here, even though I'm pretty new here, I already feel at home!

    Check out the challenges, which are always a great way to get you scrapping!

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    Hi and welcome to gds! I hope you don't lurk here - everyone is really friendly and we'd love to get to know you more :)

    Also, would love to see your LOs in the gallery :)

  4. Hi There Hollyann! It's great that you found us. I have a DD who'll be 5 on Jan 31st and use to have a black lab (he passed away in old age 3 years ago) named Toby! I also run a small business out of my fun!

    Yaay for selling off that paper stuff and welcome to Digi-scrapping! Again, welcome to GDS and better get organized cuz that daily download will sure fill up your drive space in a hurry!

    Congrats on your Bears win!!

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    Hey Hollyann! So glad that you found us! This is a happenin' place, but it's small enough to feel like home!!! So just jump in, and have lots of fun!!!


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    Hi Hollyann and welcome! I'm so glad you found us & I hope you enjoy your stay here. I look forward to seeing your layouts.

    "The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart." Author Unknown

  7. Welcome and I hope that you have been enjoying your stay at the site - as you have noted there is a lot to do here - with real friendly members and admin staff. Again welcome.

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