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  1. How to use a Layered Template in PS or PSE

    Layered Templates are a wonderful way to jump start your creative side when putting together a layout. It gives you the opportunity to decide on the colors and add embellishments, journaling, etc. and still ultimately move things around if you want. So one might ask how to use one. Well below is a step by step guide on using one.

    1. Open the layered .psd file in your program. It may give you a message saying that
    your sketch needs to be updated, go ahead and update it. Usually this happens if it has text on a path or fonts that you don't have on your computer.

    2. Save the layered .psd file as something else so you don't accidentally save over the original.

    3. It is probably easiest to start with the background layer, so go to your Layers palette and scroll down to the bottom until you get to the layer named "background". Click on this layer to select it.

    4. Open up the paper you would like to use as your background, and move it over to the layered sketch (either drag/drop or copy/paste the background paper over). It will insert itself just above the layer named "background".

    5. Moving onto the rest of the layers...for each one, open up the paper you would like to use for the layer, and move it over to the layered sketch (again, by using the drag/drop or copy/paste methods).

    6. Once it is in the layered sketch, you'll notice that it takes up the whole layout but its alright! Over in the layers palette, move the paper DIRECTLY above the layer you want it to take the shape of, and hit Ctrl+G (in PSCS2 it's Ctrl+Alt+G). It will "crop" to the shape of the layer below it, but the paper will still be intact so you can move it around or resize it if need be! If you are sure you don't need to move it around, then you can highlight the two layers by clicking on them both while holding down the shift key and then press CTRL+E to combine them.

    7. As for the elements...usually in the sketch, the element layers are just placed somewhere to give you an idea of where to put your elements. Put the elements you would like on the page and arrange them to go with the sketch, and then either hide or delete the placement layers, since you don't need them anymore.

    8. The last step is the title and journaling. There may or may not be a text layer that has all of the text together to show general placement. Select this layer and delete it to add your own title and journaling.

    As always, layers of a template can be moved around so if you don't like where something is, you can move it!

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