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Thread: Here is a request----K-12

  1. Supposedly they were going to do a collab kit.

  2. I'm not sure any of our designers are doing a collab for this... but OneMemory's Teacher's Pet kit is being used for the current brag book exchange.
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  3. I'm going to join that. Thank you for pointing it out, however, I am looking for 12 X 12.

  4. Does anyone know if this is going to be a colab kit or not?

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    Got something you may like!

    I made this while back it is still in progress, you can have it if you like to start you off..just PM me and Let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marshak69 View Post
    Does anyone know if this is going to be a colab kit or not?
    Although it was put forward as an idea, I am pretty certain that it won't happen as a monthly site collab kit - the collab theme for last September was school, so it wasn't going to be repeated again this year.

    Whether any of the designers decide to do a non-storewide collab between themselves, I don't know, but I think they would have posted in here if they were working on anything.

    If you look back at previous posts in this thread, there have been some great kits posted on the school theme - am sure you will be able to find something to work for you :)
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  7. I haven't used the other designers School Kits, (I'm sure they're fabulous!) but I have played with One Memory At A Time's "Teachers Pet" kit....its AWESOME and I think you'd find it easy to come up with what you need for your k-12 scrapbook with it. The Bundle is 45% off in the store right now...FANTASTIC deal! Good luck!

  8. Wow, as a mom and a teacher I must say it would be really cool!

    I'd love to have a mega kit of that sort!

    Keeping fingers crossed!

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    Me too. I have a LOT of school pictures to scrap.

  10. Awesome suggestion and as a collab kit too be pretty cool idea. Can't wait to see what the sesigners come up with

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