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Thread: Is it just me?

  1. Is it just me?

    Is it just me, but does the music from the home page sound like something that belongs in The Sims? I have to admit, the catchy music (and the lost hours playing The Sims) is what brought me to explore this site out. But now that Im here, I can't help but wonder if its only me that thinks that?

    By the way, the homepage, is what caught my attention that this "isn't just another scrapbooking site"
    ~The Name Behind Neverland Scraps~

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    It was one of my first thoughts but shhhh we don't mention that around my house many recovering simsaholics here!

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    Ha! gosh I didnt even recognise it. BRB am gonna go check it out again. Nah.. I never heard that song on Sims. Even got my daughter to check if it seemed similar and she didnt recognise it. Unless you guys have different versions that what I have. But anyway, Sims is dead in this household lol. The kids have moved on to something else and no its not scrapbooking lol.
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    Every so often I go through a Sims week. I love the Sims! I does sound "like" the Sims. Not quite rigt, but it definitely has the vibe. lol

  5. Im glad its not just me!

    Yeah, while it isn't the "sims" it sounds like something you would hear on the sims!!
    ~The Name Behind Neverland Scraps~

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    I can't hear it. For security, webpages aren't allowed to play noises on my computer. Problem is, I can't get them when I want them either.

    I used to be a sims addict (both the sims and sims 2) now I am addicted to zoo tycoon 2

  7. I love the music and the graphics on the homepage, it's way cool! But don't know much about the Sims ....

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