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Thread: Creating a Kit

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  1. Creating a Kit

    I'd love to start creating kits and in fact have already started creating papers, but I'm wondering what to add. What and generally how much goes into a kit? What is your thought process when designing elements for a kit? What does a standard kit have? Is there even a standard?

    So many questions swimming around in my brain...
    Mother to Ashley 16, Samantha 12, Dorothy 9, Madison 5 and Brian 13 months

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    I know just how you feel! I started fumbling around in the dark with regards designing almost a year ago and I knew absolutely nothing! I continue to learn something new each and everyday!

    What I did is checked out a few stores and guaged for myself how many elements, papers etc. the kits have in general. I noticed some are larger than others.

    Personally, I think a good selection of elements in a kit is always nice. I don't have a set thought process when designing - but hey, I'm still only learning!

    All I can say is have fun designing! I absolutely love it and have finally found my little creative 'niche' - I only wish I had discovered this sooner!

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    Hi Digiscrapdee

    I stumbled across digital by accident about 3 years ago. I love it and wanted to learn more. I read tutorials anywhere I could on the web, read, read and read some more.

    As far as a kit, there are no set rules. These are just my guidelines others may have their own to follow.

    I usually create:

    15 elements or less and 6 papers and less is a mini kit.

    15 to 40 elements / 8-15 papers Reg Kit

    more than 40 elements and 15 papers is a Mega Kit.

    Element inspiration for me comes from pictures of a scene, lots of scrapbooking magazines, browsing through galleries to see what other's create and sometimes just day dreaming something will come to mind. Media Mail, flyers, anything with graphics gives me ideas and the thought - Can I make an element with that?

    I usually try to add in a Reg Kit

    Journaling paper
    various brads
    corner pieces

    you can also add word art

    I like to make unusual elements too like little trinkets. There is probably more that I have not added but that is all I could think of for now.

    Hope this helps you.

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  4. Wow Lori, that is a huge help! Now I've got an idea where to start. Thanks!
    Mother to Ashley 16, Samantha 12, Dorothy 9, Madison 5 and Brian 13 months

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    oh your welcome, good luck and have fun creating!

  6. Great tips and hints, thanks!

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