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  1. resolution question

    Ok, I went crazy last year downloading freebies and trying to read how to digital scrapbooking, then life happened. Well it has been a very stressful year and I was trying to think of something relaxing to do between helping my Mom and Mom in Law care for aging parents and my child having two surgeries. My GF goes out town for scrapbooking weekends which is not an option for me at all with three small kids, a dh who is working himself to death and a mountain of debt. So I thought I would try once again to figure out digital scrapbooking. This will be the first of many questions I will have.

    First I am using Paint shop pro 8. I have been looking at different files and such. I know that my new page I set up with 300 as the resolution. I was looking at some frames that I have and I noticed that when I go to image resize it shows the original size as 936 by 876 and the resolution says 37.790.
    Should I make sure all the elements and such that I use also have high resolutions? Also is there a way for me to change the resolution on an element that has low and it actually work?


  2. Very good question and I think I'm gonna let another person answer the question about resizing and resolution. The one thing that you may want to keep in the back of your mind is that the majority of digi supplies out there is and should be designed at 300ppi. If it isn't, you may reconsider using. Designing at that means that when things are printed, they are printed with clarity.
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  3. That is what I was thinking I was really suprised that I even found one that is only 72dpi. It was a freebie though so I am not really complaining. I may put the lower resolution ones in their own folder b/c I am really wanting to be able to print some stuff out in the future.

  4. I have a ton of 200 dpi. Would these look ok for smaller print projects?

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    Anything that is less that 300 ppi is going to have a bit of quality trouble if you go to print it. 200 ppi is close so you may not notice significant quality issues when you print. 72 ppi is low enough quality that even if you change the ppi, it probably won't look good when printed. :)


  6. I know this is probably a silly question but I wondered if you used the 200 ppi for smaller prints like maybe a brag book if they would still look ok. I know if I am going to do a 12 x 12 page I do not want to chance it. Thanks!

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