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Thread: It's A Bloggy Giveaway!

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    It's A Bloggy Giveaway!

    Two chances to win!!!

    We're giving away a gift certificate for 2 free printed layouts! Check out the blog for details, then come back here and show us which layouts from your gallery you'd have printed! If you leave a comment on the blog AND post in this thread, you'll be entered twice!
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    oh wow!! I must say that the printing here is awesome - my 2nd batch of printed LOs is at the Post Office waiting for me to collect them cos I was out when they tried to deliver them this morning - I can't wait till it opens in the morning and I can go and collect them!!!

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    My choices would be this one

    and this one

  4. The prints here are AWESOME. I'm always thrilled with them and check the mailbox like a little kid waiting for them. Hmmn, going to have to go through my stuff to see what I haven't printed yet.

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    These would be my choice for the 2 free printings:

  6. Here are two layouts with GDS products that I'd LOVE to have printed. I have YET to print out any of my layouts but hope to soon... I'm think I may need to scrap in some sort of order too! I figure Marley is only 2 so I could make an album with one LO for each month or something.

    Stephanie My blog:

    Lucky Me!

  7. These two. Even If I don't win, I'm still going to print them!


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    That is tough to just choose a couple but I would probbably do these two so I could hang them on my wall

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    Two pictures immediately came to mind so this was an easy choice for me. The first one I would give to the people in the picture and the second one is in memory of a friend who died.

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    oh, I have OH SO SO many to print 100's of them!!! .... but these are probably some of my I'd pick them...

    mom to Katie and Lizzie

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