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Thread: Quick Page Exchange-Andrea's Discover kit + templates

  1. Sign me up! I'm so excited for this!

  2. Here's mine in the gallery.
    ~ Michelle ~

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    Dec 2006
    Kimberley, BC Canada

  4. This will be my first attempt, but I am excited!!

  5. Discover qp

    Okay guys here are my two qps. I know they aren't great but this was my first attempt. I hope that if anyone has any tips for me that you will let me know. I would appreciate any help. I have been a lurker so far and just needed a little kick to get me going. Andrea's kit helped a lot!!!

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    Here's a preview of my two QP's :

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    here is the preview of my QP's

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    I added two Qps to the gallary. Use Andrea's Scrap It Fast Template set #1 for both.

    File should be to you shortly. I love the colors of this kit - it's great for boys!

  9. Finally Here is mine! I love these templates!

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