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    Talking Those Cute Things They Say....

    Aren't our kids just full of magic and joyful moments?!

    Here's one from mine just today:

    Riding bikes today with my 5 y.o. Hannah... We are passing by a house with a man in the front yard taking down his Christmas decorations (still has a Tigger and a big blow up snowman hanging out) and Hannah yells, "Excuse me Sir, your yard looks lovely!"

    Needless to say... the man looked up with a big smile and hollered back, "Well, Thank you!"... Hannah never missed a beat hollering back, "Your welcome! It's just because you have that big Tigger and Snowman!"

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    Oct 2006
    LOL!!! How cute!

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    Sep 2006
    Dunedin, New Zealand
    At least she is good at giving compliments

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    Bless her heart! Nice one! I'd prolly have fallen off my bike laughing!!

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    lol - bless her!!!!

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    Sep 2006
    What a sweetheart!!! I love the age five... that's how old my little man is, and he is so much fun!!!

    He was looking in my mouth the other day, although I'm not sure why, and he yelled to my husband, "Daddy, Mommy has a mouth full of change!!!", meaning I have a mouth full of fillings!!! I love the way children look at the world!


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    LOL Steph... What a riot!! I can just picture that one too!

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    That's my little hannah!!! She's gonna be a heart-breaker!

    I mentioned to you deb that Theo (my middle son, age 6) asked when he could have a little sister....this was after he was being pestered by his little brother again and again and again! LOL...
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Yeah... I love that one from Theo... too funny! Ready to trade in his brothers for a sister!! LOL

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    Too cute!

    The best one mine have said so far was when I had Katie and a couple of her friends in the car. They were talking about their ethnic backgrounds. One was saying how she was half black and mexican, how her sister was half black and white (half sisters). The other girl mentioned that she was half black half white. Katie not wanting to feel left out announces "I am half white and pork n cheese!". Her Dad is portuguese :P She was around 5 at the time for that little gem.

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