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    Red and black???

    Ok, I have a request for a kit!! The girls' Dad bought them all red and black Spanish dresses back from a work trip to Spain, but I have yet to find the perfect kit to use with the photos cos I think it might need another colour as well as red and black??? I will attach a pic of the dresses which might, hopefully, inspire one of the fab designers here!!!

    One thing I think might be nice in it would be some black and/or red lace??

    This isn't the best pic, but it might provide inspiration for someone!!!

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    Helen has a great kiy..I think it is her fancy kit. ALot of black and red!

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    Veronica has a great new kit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tweederbug View Post
    Helen has a great kiy..I think it is her fancy kit. ALot of black and red!
    Thanks - yes there is LOTS of black and red in my Fancy kits - and some lace too!

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    That's true about Helen's kit - in fact, I think I thought that when the kit first came out, then forgot!!!

    Thanks for the suggestions :)

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    I thought of Helen's kit as soon as I saw those photos too! It's a beautiful kit! :)

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    Using Helen's kit would be great! You might be able to incorporate some silver lace and white as well.

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