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Thread: How do you scrap?

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    How do you scrap?

    I'm a nosy girl, and always full of questions! I have yet another do you scrap? Do you go in chronological order or do you just scrap your pics as the inspiration hits you? I am in the latter category! My books are in no order whatsoever! I like scrapping pics that I have taken recently, which makes sense, cause I can remember the who, where, when, and why a lot easier. So needless to say, I have lots of my recent pics done, and not so many of the earlier pics. I am working on catching up though!!!


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    I tend to use whatever I feel like using at the time!! When I'm looking for a photo to use for a particular LO, I do usually start looking at more recent photos first, unless I know of a particular photo off the top of my head! Mind you, I'm still trying to scrap pics from our trip to Canada - in April!!!

  3. I'm like you steph...probably looking at pics first to scrap then find kits/elements to go with it. Always going with recent pics cuz I too have a very bad memory which doesn't lend itself to journaling!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    I go where the mood takes me. Sometimes I start with a pic, other times a kit inspires me. I can't really say that I have a method!


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    Daniell and I are in the same boat im compleatly speratic.

  6. hey... see, now you give me an idea for a new challenge! Sounds like we need a "from the past" challenge to get us motivated :)

    I'm just like you too Steph :)

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    I scrap in absolutely no particular order what-so-ever. I scrap new pics,, pics from a year ago and pics from years I wasn't even born in yet. Actually older and old pics of my parents seem to be my favorite. Wherever the mood takes me thats the pics I go with.
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    I'm ecclectic. I scrap whatever strikes my fancy at the time. No method here I'm sorry to say. Although I have started albums by year and as I complete layouts for the kids, they go into that years' album folder.

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    I'm in the latter group and scrap what I'm inspired to (better to get 5 pages done that are out of order than to keep looking at the same page for hours and not getting anything done)

    I do use drop down pages most of the time, though, so I can re-arrange as needed. When I am binding, I save the pages then print & bind when completely finished.

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    I just do what ever strikes me as well. I love challenges so I often work from them, otherwise it is a case of: pretty kit, what can I do with that?

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