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Thread: Newbie

  1. Newbie

    Hi I'm from nova scotia and just found this site .I have only done a few pages but want to learn more .Can someone tell him how to get a photo in behind a pattern example how to get photo behind a heart without messing up the heart if that makes sense. Thanks

  2. Hi Curler and welcome to GDS. I will try to help you.. what program are you using?

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    Hi curler - welcome to gds. Our members use a variety of programmes, so once we know which one you are using, someone will help you out :)

  4. help

    Hi snd thanks for the promt reply. I'm using paint shop 9program also could you tell me the best program or in your opion the best or good rogram .I tried to use my photos in premade layouts for example I paid and joined MANGELS DESIGNS and they have lovely layouts but can't get my [photo in the opening hope this helps you understand what I'm trying to do.Thanks so much and oh by the way nice picture of you , very pretty.

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    I use psp and in my opinion, it is much easier to use than Photoshop CS. Photoshop elements is similar in its abilities to PSP, so if you already have PSP, I'd recommend sticking with that, certainly whilst you are starting out. If you want to try one of the other programmes, I think they have 30 day trials on their sites which would give you a good idea of how they work.

    To answer your question about your photos, I have never used any of that particular designer's pre-made quick pages, so am unsure what format they are in. It is usual for them to be png files, with the area for the photo 'cut-out' and left transparent. In this case, you would copy your photo onto the page, and then in your layers palette, you would drag your photo layer below the quick page layer, and resize and move it so that it will show through the space.

    Hope that helps - if not, let us known and we'll try something different :)

    If you are interested in learning any more about your programme, we have some classes on offer in the store here

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    Welcome to GDS! I hope you enjoy our community and someone has been able to help you with your pages. Unfortunately, I do not have or know how to use PSP.

    Hope to see your pages in the gallery!

  7. Welcome to GDS! Looks like Deb and Joy are already offering wonderful advice. Looking forward to seeing your gallery!

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    Hi Curler Welcome to GDS! As someone who knew absolutely nothing about digital scrapbooking when I came to GDS 2 months ago, I highly recommend the classes offered here ... it is the best investment you can make! Hope to see you around the site.

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    Welcome to GDS...I am sorry that I didn't see this earlier and so glad that you got some answers to your questions. Glad to have you aboard...:)

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