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Thread: Another funny video

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    Another funny video

    This has to rank up there as one my all-time favs....

    Steering Wheel
    Liz Pike

    Blog updated Thursday October 19

  2. oh my goodness...I have this on my desktop so I can show it to everyone who hasn't seen it! Isn't it the funniest!!!!

    Oh boy, I've had too much coffee already this am!

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    Wanganui, New Zealand
    OH MY GOODNESS 2!! lol gee she even gave me a shock too
    Phoenix aka Melissa - SAHM of Shania (13) and Jordan (10)

  4. That was too funny!! I even called DH into the room to see that movie!!
    ~The Name Behind Neverland Scraps~

  5. Oh gosh! My head is pounding from how hard I laughed at this! Thanks for sharing Liz!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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