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Thread: Brag Page Exchange-Helen's Moms Diner & Andrea's templates

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    Here's mine. I have done three pages, I hope I have done the preview page correctly, but I also did three separate pages with recipes so you could see what I did with them. I have used Andrea's templates and Helen's "MomsDiner" and her two add-ons. - preview

    I am about to email them now. Cheers, Caroline

  2. Recipes

    Count Me in - I want to play


  3. I actually did it

    I can't believe I actually did this. I hope mine are okay. This is the very first time I've created a quick page.

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    I finished my quick pages. This was a lot of fun. I am looking forward to seeing all the other takes on this challenge and to using those pages as well! Thanks Andrea and Helen for such great material to work with.

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    Off to buy Andrea's templates and get started...

  6. Great stuff so far- this is going to be a FABULOUS brag book for recipes! I've only made one, so off to work on the other 2.
    Stephanie My blog:

    Lucky Me!

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    I am in the middle of making recipe books of family recipes for my three adult children. This is perfect timing. I'm in.

    I bought the kit and Andrea's templates, so I can't wait to get started. I love the participation bonus quick pages. They are absolutely fabulous. Another big bonus -- I spent $10 and got the collab kit free. Yay!


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    Newbie has Question

    If I want to make quick pages that don't include a photo, then I don't need to worry about creating a png file. Is this correct?


  9. I *think* you still have to save one as a PNG at 300 ppi to email Holly.

    The jpg preview will be "saved for the web" so it won't print at high quality.

    I think they set it up that way so that everyone regardless of what program they use, can also use the files. On elements, you can just save as and change the file type to PNG, so it takes no time at all. HTH!
    Stephanie My blog:

    Lucky Me!

  10. I sure will give it a try.

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