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Thread: Help needed with PSE 5 please!

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    Help needed with PSE 5 please!

    Hi there,
    I'm just finishing up taking Amy's PSE beginner's class and was spending the afternoon "playing" around on it. Well, after awhile, I went to apply drop shadows, and find that there is nothing - nothing at all - coming up under "Artwork and Effects"! I've got the five icons to select either Artwork, Themes, Special effects, etc., but nothing comes up in the drop down menus. I have no idea what I might have done - it was working fine last time I tried it. Any help you guys can offer, or suggestions, would be great!
    Thanks in advance!


  2. I'd try to reboot your system... and if you still don't see them you could try to reinstall. Do you have Vista or XP? I can show you the path the check and be sure your styles are still there if you let me know what system you use.
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  3. I have PSP so won't be a huge help but when this happens to me, (more then likely I've hit something that 'hides' things) I reset the 'view' of preferences back to factory defaults. I have to reset things the way I like them but it always works.
    Another thing I have happen (and again this is PSP I don't know PSE's quirks) is my program will out of the blue get a glitch that for whatever reason won't go away. I go to the website and trouble shoot but if that doesn't work I set my computer back a day. It doesn't hurt anything and it's my only sure fire fix for PSP glitches.

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    Thanks for the quick responses! Stephanie, I am using XP. Wen - you mentioned something about "hiding" something and it made a little bell go off. I was trying to use brushes today for the first time, and while downloading and installing one a box popped up prompting me to "hide", which I did. At the time, i assumed it would move it down to the task bar and didn't give it another thought until I read your note. How would I reset that in my preferences?

  5. Well, I'm not sure where it would be in PSE. Do you have a 'view' in your task bar? When I hit view it gives me a drop down menu and in there is a my preferences and I just set it back to default. Look for view in your menu in PSE not the computer.

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    There is no reset for preferences in "view", but I did find "Preferences" under the "edit" tab on the main bar. When I went in there, under "general" there is a reset button. I tried that, but no luck. When I try to open the drop down menu I get the message "Could not complete your request because of a program error". I think I'll just try to reboot, and if that doesn't work I'll try a system restore.

  7. When I have this problem, I read somewhere to hold down the shift key when you open PSE5. This rebuilds the brushes and artwork effects. I don't know how buy it does work for me.


  8. Each time you open PSE it rebuilds the cache and lists for those styles & effect items. You can intentionally delete that file and it will attempt to rebuild it the next time you open. If your other efforts don't work, I can post the string you need to delete and try that.
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