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Thread: templates

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    I am a complete novice at this and have a million questions.. the first I would like to ask is about the templates... I'm unsure as to how to use them. Are they meant for a pattern? Do you make a layout exactly as the template ? Or do you use the pieces and arrange them however you choose?
    Told ya I'm a total newbie.....

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    You can use the template as you want, some flip it, move the pieces whatever. Mostly what I see is that people add to the template with different elements, it's how you want to use it. Personally I like to keep the main pieces as is and then add elements to the template. Again your choice. I love doing Andrea's Sketch/Template challenge. Check out the gallery for the Sketch/Templates Challenge and you'll see how different the same template can look by adding your personal touches.
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    We're glad you are trying them out! I love them because it boosts my creativity...they help with ideas for arrangement but I get to choose everythign else..colors, patterns, embellishments, etc. We have various tutorials here (on top menu under Resources).

    Have fun!
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    I am a complete template addict!
    Andrea Gold's are the best!
    IMHO, but I am sure everyone here will agree, you can't go wrong with Andrea's!

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    I think the templates are a great jumping off place. Some use them exactly as they are too! Once you start using them, you'll be addicted too! I can't just scrap a layout anymore. I have to make a grayscale template first and then the layout. That's backwards!

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    I agree, templates are the greatest!! Usually I have an idea of what I want my page to be, then I look through all my templates until I find one that will work, tweak it and add on to it from there. I love them because they crop everything for you and it is just sooo much faster!! I also agree that Andrea's are the best!!! I have to give a shout out to my fellow Utahn!!

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    I agree, Andrea's templates rock. Myself, I use them as a jumping off point to help me add some dimention to my LO's. Sometimes I'll only use one or two pieces, sometimes the whole thing. Sometimes, I'll just cruise through my files to get ideas for placement. However you use them they're invaluable IMO!

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    I was playing around trying to use the directions under resours for paint shop pro. I tried to drag and drop my paper but first it tells me it has to promote it to a full layer and it will still not let me do this. I can copy and paste, I just wondered if I was doing something wrong. I tried to drag and drop from the actual picture and from the layers tab on the right. Any tips for a dummie?

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    I try to use them as an inspiration because I do change them a bit. You see that you are new to templates...are you unsure on how to use them? They can be tricky but are easy to use.

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    What version are you using? I use PSP X2 and I can't drag and drop.
    Are you talking about putting your paper over the top of you template? You just promote it in the layers palatte. So add your paper, click on it in the palette, hold your left mouse down and drag up through the palette until you have it above your paper.

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