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I'm with you on this, Kim I read a quote somewhere from a seamstress - people were giving her a hard time about all the fabric she was collecting and never using. Her reply was "I just like to look at it. I don't see what the problem is - stamp collectors collect stamps all the time and never send them!"

Count me in as a collector! Although, I've found myself here lately using more and more of my stash and actually thinking before I buy something. I also have several kits that I use over and over again & I have several sets of solid papers that I really go to again and again.

So, here's my answer: All of the above!

Daphne...I'm in that same group as you and Kim....I have stuff I may never use but if I ever need it I know where it is :) You should see the collectioin of paper scrapping stuff I have ..well, if you could find it in my basement that is! On day the kids are going to have a lot of fun with it all! oh, I have stickers like you wouldn't believe....and if I ever decide to start crocheting again...I have skeins of yarn down their too...and such pretty bits of fabric for quilts and what not!

yup.. I'm a collector too.. no wonder I filled up the 400Gig of harddrive on my laptop AND my 500Gig EHD...so hubby being the thoughful guy that he is bought me another EHD to hook up to our network... I laugh..he thinks he'll get some room on it...I'm already backing up all my photos and scrapbooking kits to it...it's a Terabyte of drive space...he might get a megabyte or two before I'm done "collecting" :)