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View Poll Results: How many layouts do you make with a page kit?

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  • none - I'm just a shop-aholic & have an incredibly large unused stash!

    11 6.83%
  • 1 - Once I make a layout, I'm done with the kit

    8 4.97%
  • 1 or 2 - I can usually find enough in the kit to make more than 1

    70 43.48%
  • 3 or More - I want my $$'s worth!

    72 44.72%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Surfs Up View Post
    I don't know if the designers will like this, but I borrow from one kit to use with another or 2 or 3 kits to use in one page. I just like to make up my own pages, using a lot of different elements and papers. Whatever looks good to me.
    That's how I like to scrap too!

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    Apr 2008
    Vancouver, BC
    I used to scrap like that too. I'd see something from one kit but liked something else or some word art from another kit. Now that I'm designing, I stick a lot more to a kit. But it works both ways for me.

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    I always do 2 LOs from one kit. Then I save the kit and do more when I want (:

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    1-2 or sometimes 3 :)

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    Jul 2011
    South Africa

    With the exchange rate US$ to SA Rand

    I must admit, I mix and match, will use the kit which I bought for 2 or 3 layouts, afterwards I will use some of the elements from other kits, specially the paper, and sometimes just something special from another kit. Buying kits with the exchange rate can "sometimes be very costly"
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    South Africa

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    I usually make more than one layout with my kits. But, I don't use many themed kits--I let my photos and the story be the theme. Some kits, though, I just love too much and have used over and over....

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    Im a combo of the first answer (shop-o-holic) and the 1 to 2 layouts!!! Sometimes stuff is just way too pretty and I just have to own it! And then, I find I get addicted to a specific designer and have to have ALL their kits!!! aahh heeem....Outside the Box, Created by Jill, Digi Deb and Andrea Gold! lol...I think I have almost their entire stores!!!

    But it still depends on the kit!!! Like Created by Jill's one of my fav kits and I have prob made ten layouts with that kit!!!

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    Sep 2008
    Pelion, SC
    I would have to say I usually average 1-2 per kit, but I'll use pieces here and there as needed.


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    Jul 2008
    Really, I usually do one page and stop. Still, often times I like a kit so much, or I have a lot of pictures that I bought the kit for, so I keep going.

    I always MEAN to do more, but then I see another kit I like, or I get another assignment.....and then another.......

    One thing I don't do is mix kits. Too much trouble. I'm sooo lazy. EVERY once in a while I'll pull one special element from another kit, but that is rare.

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    Jun 2010
    El Paso, Texas

    Love doing my thing!

    I have done not much the last two months because I had surgeries and was in the hospital for a month and been home trying to get better. It is a long haul. I am right now trying to organize my computer as it is a mess. When I was getting things done after I first got home I just downloaded things and put them in a file for filing later. Big mistake! Made more work that I did not need! Back online now with my groups and this one I miss being here. I have a lot of things on backlog to do. Will use all my layouts on my computer for sure more than once or twice! ha-ha I lose time doing my thing! ha-ha Even my blogs is empty! Need to do some art and create!!

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