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View Poll Results: How many layouts do you make with a page kit?

161. You may not vote on this poll
  • none - I'm just a shop-aholic & have an incredibly large unused stash!

    11 6.83%
  • 1 - Once I make a layout, I'm done with the kit

    8 4.97%
  • 1 or 2 - I can usually find enough in the kit to make more than 1

    70 43.48%
  • 3 or More - I want my $$'s worth!

    72 44.72%
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    Aug 2008
    Northern Louisiana
    Welllll, I like the "all of the above" answers. I am a terrible packrat and collector and have spent more time shopping/downloading/collecting than I have doing layouts. I have several kits, though, that I have done multiple layouts with. Some of them, especially the collab kits, have so much stuff in them that you could do a lot of layouts and not have anything that looked the same. At least since I started hanging out here, I've actually been getting some pages done!

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    Dec 2006
    Pikes Peak Region, Colorado
    I guess it actually depends on the kit. Sometimes I buy a kit for one or two specific things in it and end up only using it once, but I am definately a bargain shopper, so I tend toward kits that have a lot to offer that I feel I can use over and over. I also have kits (freebies) that I've never used that I go through and weed out over time.

    I'm not very into mixing kits, so I don't tend to go into older kits and use an element here and a paper there, I suppose if I did that I would get even more from my kits.

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    Jun 2008
    I tend to make multiple layouts from a kit, although sometimes, I may just end up using parts of that kit and mixing and matching. But at least the kit's still getting used!

    Proudly CT for:

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    Dec 2008
    central pa.
    Great question. I've just been shopping so far but have often wondered about this.

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    i've decided to start using all my stash-especially the ones i buy. i usually make several from the same kit-even the freebies. what i really need is new pictures!!!! I people are tired of seeing the same old pic but you can do amazing things with different kits and the same pictures and get an entirely different look each time

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    For me it depends on the kit, but I usually do at least 2 if not more.

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    Being a designer - I scrap 4 layouts will all my kits - LOL yes I do scrap with my own kits.

    CT kits - as I love doing layouts besides designing - I do just the 2 layouts.

    Kit I buy - usually 1 or 2 - Love to do more but simply don't have the time to. LOL

    Freebies - Often I'm appear to be just a collector and rarely scrap with these - time doesn't allow - honestly I wonder why I download these at times. Just a habit I suppose. LOL

    That's it - my confessions.

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    Jan 2009
    Houston, TX
    Because I am kind of new to this, I try to use the kits a couple of times for a LO using only the kit. It helps me to keep it co-ordinated. If I use only the on kit for more than one page, it is because the pictures are from the same event. Only exception is my grandson's Tae Kown Do stuff. Same couple of kits over and over. Not much out there. But, I also use bits and pieces of the kits on other LOs too. I like my pages to look different from each other if I can.

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    It depends on the kit for me too! Sometimes I use them to many times to count...others maybe once.
    and I confess...I have a TON that I have never used...but don't want to get rid of them- you never know when you might want/need them- right? :)
    at least thats what I tell my hubby everytime he complains how much space I am taking up on our computer :)
    JAB Digital Designs

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    I am new to DS, so are you referring to only using a specific kit for pages without any mixing of other kits? Or how many pages do we make using many elemnts of a specific kit? Just want to give the right answer.

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