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Thread: Calendar Feature and To Do List for Members CP

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    Calendar Feature and To Do List for Members CP

    Hi Team,

    Im not sure if this is possible or not but I have found that Ive joined so many challenges, Im having a hard time remembering which ones Ive posted, which ones I need to do, which ones are due, which ones are ending soon.

    Is it possible to have:

    * a To Do list - this list would be part of a persons individual CP and customisable with Title, body content for notes and if possible, a Due Date with reminder. Currently what Ive done is subscribed to all threads and then filed these in folders: To Do, Layout Submitted, and Closed awaiting Results

    * a personal member CP Calendar. Ive seen the public one available for all members but a personal CP Calendar would be awesome. That way we could add the public events to our personal calendars and only view the events we are interested in rather than all of them.

    Its possible that the personal calendar could replace the need for a To Do List but a To Do List would still be awesome

    Just some 'pie in the sky' wishes If either of these are already available, please pardon my eno and gently shove me in the direction of use instructions
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    Those things would be really cool!

    In the meantime, what I do to keep track of challenges is have a notepad file on my desktop that lists the ones that I want to do for the month and the due dates. That way I can just delete them when I'm done. Maybe something like that would work for you. Now I just have to figure out a way to remind myself of the chats...

  3. I know everyone does there's differently, but I put mine in my links that I have at the top of internet explorer. When I am doing adding them to my favorites list, I merely put the day they are due at the front, that way I can get as many completed as possible :).
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  4. That is a GREAT idea... of course, I'm still only doing 2 or 3 challenges, but it would be helpful! :)
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    I use Google calendar for our family calendar and to that I've created a Scrapbooking calendar that only I can see. (So it doesn't bug my husband). On this is where I put my deadlines for things I'm (trying) to participate in.

    Most online email providers have something like this, so maybe something like this would help you?

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    You could also use Googles' spread sheet to keep track of your challenges. I know some people do that. Myself I use the calendar feature in my email program (a thunderbird add on) and have reminders set for a week before the challenge is due. I also have assigned different colours to different sites so it's easy to track.

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    Join the Scrappin 7 Challenge. Even if you don't scrap 7 each month, it helps keep track of what you want to do. I tried keeping all kinds of calendars when I first started digi-scrapping but it drove me nuts to go from one thing to another. A personal calendar would be great with all those options mentioned but in the meantime....SCRAPPIN 7 AND you could win a kit if you do all 7!!! Find it here:

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    I should learn to look at dates on the posts...but anyway, go over and join Scrappin 7!! lol

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