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Thread: cheesey or no?

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    cheesey or no?

    I am a bit short for xmass this year and more so because im trying to cover everyone. I know not really realistic but I feel like I leave people out. So I thought I might make everyone hand made soaps. Honestly now. What would you think of that gift from an family member? I do make soaps from scratch all the chemestery involved. No melt and pour stuff. is that a good gift? and what kind of smell???

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    I for one would love a gift of handmade soaps! A friend makes them and every Christmas I look forward to her gift basket. She wraps the bars in netting and ties them with gold ribbon and then arranges them in a nice small basket, just a perfect touch for the vanity. Last year, she included some handmade massage oil, really nice! Go for it!

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    Oh? You know a soaper? verry cool. I am the only person i know around here. :( would be fun to have someone else to share my hobie with. I havent tried oils or lotions yet. lotions especially look like fun. :) but I think ill do just bars of soap this year. :)

  4. I think it would be a lovely idea. Vanilla scented seems to be a scent everyone loves. Go for it girly!
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  5. I think it's a great gift, too!
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  6. Ditto... me too! Especially vanilla scented

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    Oooooh not cheesy at all! I used to have a friend who made them and candles and body butters! Oh I was in heaven! Wrap em up pretty and they make the best gifts!

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    Lovely idea. I love handmade soaps. Lavender is a good scent too.

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    Ok soaps are don. I dident make it in time for this saterdays party but ill drop them off to my family on the eve befor we head to my in-laws. :)

    Here is a scrap on them. soaps

    By the by the kit I have been working on for the haliday. what do you think? need anything???

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