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Thread: Sent here by an existing member ..

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    Sent here by an existing member ..

    Ozchicki sent me here .. she tells me its the best place ever for scrapping .. so Im here (I always listen to ange)

    anyway .. hiyas .. been paper scrapping for years .. been a photoshopper for years .. time to mix the two

  2. Hi there Oz's Friend! Welcome to GDS! I hope you enjoy coming over to the "dark side"... warning though, very addictive. We're all pretty nuts here!

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    Hi Ilona...Welcome to glad that Angie sent you here. Yes I agree with her GDS is a fantastic place to be. Everyone is so friendly and if you ever need anything just YELL.

    I am glad that you are ready to try the digi scrapping world. It is so much fun and the hugh advantages are that there is no mess to clean up when you are done scrapping. And if you make a mistake along the way you just erase it and try again rather then having to hastle with glues and adhesives. I can't wait to see your work in the galleries

    Again Welcome to GDS...

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    Welcome! Angie is one smart girl :) and obviously you are too since you listen to her! Glad to have you at GDS!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigichet View Post
    the huge advantages are that there is no mess to clean up when you are done scrapping.
    Mess?? oh yes, Im so familiar with that .. as Im an avid beader as well, I make jewellery so I have oodles of beads everywhere (very interesting on vaccum day I can tell you)

    thanks for the welcome everyone .. I'll have to live up to expectations .. Ive seen Angies work too and yes, she does awesome stuff!

    I have a b/day party in a weeks time for my 3yo so I should have some awesome pics to work on

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    Hi Ilona
    WELCOME So glad that Angie sent you here, I'm sure that you are going to love it here. Definitely a very friendly site.
    Elaine My Blog

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    Welcome to GDS! This is definitely THE place to be!! It's a fun and friendly community. If you have any questions, just give a'll get lots of answers! Join us in some challenges and have some fun!

  8. Welcome, Ilona! You will love it here .. friendly and supportive ... these folks are the best!

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    Hi and welcome!!! Jump right in and have some fun!! Everyone here is great and very helpful, so any questions, just ask and someone will come up with the answer for you :)

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    Welcome!! So glad Angie sent you here!!!! She's the best!!!


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