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Thread: New, new, new

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    Dec 2007
    Hi, Sherrie and welcome!

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    Welcome to GDS! We're all pretty friendly so join in and we'll try to help whenever we can.

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    Hi! First of all, welcome to GDS! It really is the greatest scrapping site on the web - you'll find all kinds of warm and wonderful people here and you'll get, as you can see already, tons and tons of help!

    Now, about PSP . I'm a big fan of PSP - I really love its price and I'm a big fan of using picture tubes for elements on my layouts. And, if you're really geeky, like me, the scripting module is fantastic! Like Andrea says, it's true that sometimes it can run slow, but there's several things that you can do to speed it up and keep it from bogging your system down. Like everyone's suggested, reducing the size that you're working with will help. Also, if you're working with a template, when you open it, it's probably in .psd (photoshop) format, since there aren't too many native Paint Shop Pro template developers. As soon as you open it, go ahead and save it in .pspimage(paint shop pro) format - that really tends to help speed up things when I'm working with a template. Also, what method are you using to work with the template? If you're using the flood fill method with patterns, that can sometimes be pretty boggy, particularly if the paper you're working with has a lot of depth and texture. There are several other things you can do to speed up the way psp works...if you have any trouble, feel free to ask here or PM me!

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    Welcome Sherrie....don't we just have the most inviting community or what....thanks to all the ladies who helped Sherrie out! Looking forward to seeing your creations and hope to see you enjoy some of the challenges we have running.

    Oh and just so you know, we are really one of a select few digi sites that offer 12x12 printing services to fill up that album of yours :) More info on the printing service can be found in our store...
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    Welcome Sherrie to GDS, hope you enjoy being here, once I became a member I became addicted, this is where I call my digi home.
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    Sherrie - welcome!! GDS is an awesome out though, digiscrapping is very adicitive!!
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    *waving at all my new friends Wen, Shelia, Andrea, Pam,Lillypug,His,Suzette,Daphne,Holly and Wendy* Thank you all for such a warm and helpful welcome here. I will tell you what is so totally strange. I have joined 2 or 3 other scrapbook places thinking I will just "know" when it feels right and up until now it never did but this places just feels right. And it's the people that make it that way.
    Wen I need to check into those classes and see when they run but to also see "which" level I need to be in. Daphne you are gonna be sorry you said just let me I do use the templates ( I just tried one or two so far) and they are in psd format. The next one I try I will immediately change it to psp and see if that helps and yes I am using the good old flood fill...any advice would be wonderful and welcomed. Holly I will be needing that printing service. I just hope you ship to UK. Thanks again everyone I jumped in hesterday thanks to a RAK from Shana and tried her journal challenge. I really enjoyed that. I am still pretty basic and plain but I am learning. ! Love and Hugs

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    Sherrie, try this tutorial for your templates.
    The girls here pointed me to it and it has made life so much easier. It may seem like it would take longer then flood filling but once you have it down it goes pretty quick.

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    Thanks for the tut Wen I will give it a look right now. I have a tag offer I was just finishing up , ( I have too much to Thanks again.

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    Welcome Sherrie. GDS is a great friendly place to hang out.

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