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Thread: New, new, new

  1. Hi there..glad you found us... Make yourself at home and jump right in... I'm glad you're trying to stick with it. Those first pages can really take time!

  2. Awww, thanks Debra. I am going to ask hubby about the "RAM" situation when he gets home from work.......maybe that's part of the problem (and maybe even work on the pack rat situation although no promises there) I think I am going to enjoy doing this once I get the "hang" of it.

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    Hi Sherrie Welcome to GDS! I'm also new to digi-scrapping. Over Christmas, my sister helped me scrapbook a recent trip of mine. I watched as she did it digitally and was hooked! Have never done anything like this before but went out and got PSE 6 and have just started taking the classes they offer here. They will be incredibly helpful! I've found that everyone here is so friendly and helpful. If you have a question, just ask and someone will answer it. It is also fun to look around in the gallery to get ideas. Hope you have a great time as you learn!

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    Welcome to GDS! There are lots of people here to help with any problem. Just post your question or send a message.

    I do agree that scrapping at the 8x8 size will help with the problem of speed. The 12x12 pages really will stress your pc.

    Join in some of the challenges and have some fun!

  5. *Waving at Cheri and Mel*
    Thanks for the warm welcome. I am just jumping in with both feet. It's just nervous when you frist start out and have no idea what you're doing but if somebody will put down a few crumbs I'll just follow all of you around you seem to know what you're doing............ I am going to try a journaling challenge that Shana is offering. We'll see how that goes..Sherrie♥

  6. Everyone here is great. I have yet to have a question unanswered. If you can do it, I reccomend Daphne's PSP classes. She makes everything that seemed hard easy and she has the patience of a saint!

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    Hi Sherrie...glad that you are here. This is one of the moslt friendly sites and I am glad to call this site "home". I have checked out other sites but none of them compare to the people here. I agree that if your computer is slowing down,it might need a good cleanup. You might need to do a disk cleanup and a defragment of your computer. I do this once a week to keep those old unwanted files off my computer. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. There is never a dumb question here LOL!! I use CS2 and love it. It can get pricey but if you are like me an avid ebayer,you can get it for pennies and it is a great program to use and learn. Lots of tuts out there for CS2.
    Welcome to the site,
    Sheila aka tweederbug

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    Hi and welcome! I can tell you that PSP has a rough time with large image files. The new version is more efficient, but PSP is known for being slow. You might consider trying Photoshop Elements.

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    Welcome Sherrie! You found the most awesome scrap site on the web! You are going to be addicted.

    My Blog

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    It's so great to have you! Ask any questions you may have along the way ... we'll try to help as best we can!

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