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Thread: New, new, new

  1. New, new, new

    Hi there
    I am new to digital scrapbooking. I tried to make a scrap page 12x12 using PSP and a template. It took me most of the day. I was not encouraged......... I hope surely I am doing something wrong as it almost froze up my program. I am looking for a place to learn and then to participate. Thanks for allowing me to join.

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    Welcome here at GDS ! For learning you came to the right place !!!

    No worries, you'll get quicker as you go ! You can find a tutorial about using the templates. Let me know if you can't find them or need something else !
    There is always someone that seems to have the perfect solution for your problem here !

    But be warned : this place his highly addictive !

  3. Thanks !

    Thanks I am looking to learn a lot. I am finding the program PSP9 went too slow with the larger template I am also wondering if I need to upgrade to something with a little more "horsepower" Nice to meet you !

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    Maybee you can try a trialversion...I'm working with CS2 but only for a few months before I had psp 7.0.

    You may want to sign up for the daily download rewind posting program to earn freebies as you post. Just pu your name in the tread with your number of posts.

  5. Thanks Inge, I have been thinking about trying Photoshop I think I was just looking for a nudge (or a shove whichever works best............rofl.) Thanks I will see if I can find the place and sign up.

  6. Hi Sherrie! Nice to meet you!
    Sounds like your computer might need a good cleaning. You can try some free programs like CCleaner v2.03 from
    Check out the tutorial section here at GDS for some great tutorials to help get you started. And we also offer some classes to help you get started. Not sure if you can still sign up for this month's classes, but check it out and see!
    Looking forward to getting to know you more!

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    Hi and welcome!!

    I think you will find that any graphics programme will run slowly if you don't have enough RAM. For psp, pse, or pscs, you will need a minimum of 1Gb of RAM in your computer to be able to work on 12x12 pages successfully.

    The other alternative to adding more RAM is to scrap at a smaller size such as 8x8 which will enable psp to run much more smoothly. When using a template, you can simply re-size it to 8x8.

    If you are comfortable using psp, I would stick with it - the jump to pscs is very big - I only use PSCS when designing (which doesn't happen very much anymore!!) - the psp programmes are more than adequate for scrapping and even designing.

  8. Welcome, Sherrie, to a very friendly and supportive digiscrapping community. You will love it here.

  9. Thanks Shana you are probably right it could use a good housekeeping I am sure. I will check out those tuts thanks.
    Thanks TwirlyJoy I have no idea how much RAM I have but I have been know to "packrat" quite a few things I did get another drive and then an external I make tags at a couple of places and have decided recently I am going to move most of my tubes off to CD's to free up some space. I'll check the RAM situation (hubby) and get back to you. I think going to the 8x8 is probably the best idea. BUT what I did was I bought the cutest little scrapbook for my grandson's pictures and not knowing what size to get I got now I feel obligated to fill Figures. Oh well I look forward to getting to know all of you this really seems like a fun place to play.

  10. Hi Shari thanks for the welcome, we must have been posting at the same time. I look forward to learning so much here. Everyone is sooooo friendly !

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