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Thread: Recommendations

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    Im trying to buy a new camera, I have picked out 2 possible ones so far but Im not sure which I should buy or if I should get either. The two Ive been looking at are Kodak Z812 and Kodak Z885. Im not sure that the Z812 records sound with video though and that is one thing Im looking for. Im allowing up to $450.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated Im miserable without a camera!

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    i would go with SONY H-9 model...i thik they are in that price range. I had SONY h5 and it is VERY awesome camera. profecional quolity looking pics.

  3. I bought the Z885 and after 3 weeks, the lens got stuck and will not retract. Customer service was not the best and it would cost more to fix than to replace. So I dug out my old Kodak, and after a few weeks the flash stopped working and then the same thing happened with the lens (of course, it was an older camera, but no more than 3 years old).
    I've been researching DSLRs and I'm still a bit intimidated by them, so I looked up DSLR-like cameras and saw great ratings on the sony mentioned by the previous poster.
    Going to look around tomorrow- hopefully we'll both find something good!
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    I agree with precious---I have a sony H9 and love it. No experience with kodak but had a fuji finepix and never could get clear sharp images with it. Good Luck in your search

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    I Love my kodak - I have the z740 which is a couple of years old now, but have never had a problem with it at all and am always happy with the quality of my photos from it. Mine also has the sound with videos, so would imagine that the newer ones do too.

    Before my kodak, I had a fuji finepix and could never get good photos with it either.

  6. IMHO, You can't go wrong with Canon or Nikon .... they may cost more, but also worth it!

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    i have an Hp that i found online last year but my daughter has a kodack and that thing takes horrible pics

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    I have a Canon A95 and love it. One of the best features is the completely moveable LCD screen--upside down, back to front, etc. So I can hold it above my head and still see what's in the lensfinder--that's handy for short people like me. The A95 is several years old, but I highly recommend this line of Canons.

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    I have a Kodak easyshare and it is soooo slow in taking images, which for me is a big deal as my daughter is a soccer player and if I want the right shot by the time my camera takes the picture she is no longer in the shot. I would love to buy a new camera but right now I have this
    My daughter has a Nikon which I had gotten her for Christmas and it takes great pictures.

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    I agree with or nikon is the best!! I have a Canon SX10 IS & have used Canon's several years with great results. At sometime, I would like to get a smaller, more compact camera for a smaller camera goes with me never know if you will have a kodak moment! Good luck choosing.

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