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Thread: Can You Help Me?

  1. Can You Help Me?

    I have some pics from when we met an internet friend at the Rain Forest Cafe in Down Town Disney that I want to scrap. I bought Amy's Moraccon Bazaar Kit, the papers will be great but I want animal 'stickers.' Not cartoony, real looking. Things like apes, elephants, parrots, frogs etc. I have done a million searches and have come up empty handed. I have this vision in my head and can't seem to let it go! Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    All I have are a few animals in my Zoo Bound Kit. They may be a little cartoony though oppose to real life. I really haven't seen a lot out there. Wish I could be of better help. Good luck.


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    I second Theresa's "Zoo Bound" kit. It is wonderful and you will play with it again and again.

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    Do you have any animal photos that you can extract from photos, that might help you if you don't mind doing extractions.
    Elaine My Blog

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    I agree with Elaine, you could do extractions of animals. I haven't see anything that has really 'real' looking animals in it. Theresa's Zoo Bound kit is wonderful, though. You should check it out.

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    You can create your own stickers if you can't find any that suits your page.

    Can you tell me what program do you use, i.e. Photoshop or PSP?

    I can walk you through on how to create your own stickers.

  7. I have PSP X2. That would be nice if you could tell me how to do it.
    I totally forgot about this, lol.

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    If you use PSP do an internet search ( I use google) and search for PSP tubes...once you download them you can use them like elements.

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