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Thread: hello people

  1. Smile hello people

    *biggrin hello my name is mecca hopefully after xmas i will put more photos up had a computer crash.. i cried all week but i ate icecream now i feel better....

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    lol - welcome! Ice cream has amazing healing properties! - Just ask my 6 year old dd - it even cures broken arms!!

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    Oh, you poor thing! Computer crashes are the worst!!! I can understand totally why you cried all week!!! You were a smart girl though... ice cream does make everything better... especially chocolate chip cookie dough... ;)



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    Welcome to GDS! I hope your computer crash doesn't set you back too long. We're looking forward to getting to know you!


  5. Hi There! So sorry to hear about your computer crashing! Glad the icecream helped! Hope to see you around here when you get your computer all fixed up and hopefully you won't need anymore icecream :)

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    Hi and welcome....hopefully the ice cream helped enough. I lost a drive once and I still cry about it!

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    Hi mecca and welcome! Sorry your pc crashed & hope you can recover your files. Ditto on the ice cream, fixes all kinds of things, lol.

    "The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart." Author Unknown

  8. Welcome and I hope that you have been enjoying your stay at the site - as you have noted there is a lot to do here - with real friendly members and admin staff. Again welcome.

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