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    New here, and still a fairly newbie to Digital Scrapbooking

    Hi all!!

    I was referred here by a good friend. I'm on another site, and I LOVE the challenges. They give me ideas and lead me in directions that I normally wouldn't go in, so I came to join you all to join in the fun of the challenges here. I hope that's ok. I'm probably going to jump right in. :)

    I'm new to digital scrapbooking, only been doing it a few months now, though I've been interested in a while. I'm fairly handy on my computer, just not too creative, so I enjoy templates a lot, or just the direction of challenges.

    A bit about me. I'm 30, a WAHM of 3 ages 9, 7 and almost 8 months. I live in central Florida with my hubby Jesse, our babes and 3 furry kids. Beyond doign this, I love to read, play games and do lots of other stuff too.

    I look forward to hanging out here and gettign to know you.


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    Aug 2007
    East Coast, USA
    Hi Brooke and welcome to GDS! One thing you'll find out rather quickly is that you'll never run out of challenges to participate in here! I run the Scraplift Challenge and the Quote Challengeand the Legacy Challenge with Theresa!

    So happy you've found GDS and our community, we're thrilled to have you!
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    Jan 2007
    Hi Brooke...Welcome to have found the right place. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful so if you ever need anything just YELL.

    And if you are looking at the challenges you have come to the right place...I have trouble getting them all done every month but I love trying. The designers are so generous with their posting bonuses and the challenges are soooooooooo..... much fun.

    I can't wait to see your work in the galleries and again Welcome to GDS...

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    May 2007
    Welcome to the most addictive place you can find on the WWW.

    The challenges and bonuses ! here are the best you can find !

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    Jun 2007
    Sydney, Australia
    Welcome Brooke!
    I only just joined in here this month myself (though I signed up months ago).
    You'll find once you get started this place is sooooo addictive :)
    I love the challenges for inspiration, I'm looking forward to next months new round of challenges.

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    Jun 2007
    Sydney, Australia
    oh and the chats are a lot of fun and for a real challenge wait for Queen of the Crop! Phew that was one amazing ride!

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    Welcome Brooke... Glad you're going to jump right in... gotta love that spirit..LOL....

    Also... regarding the challenges... make sure to check out the new Legacy Challenge run by Theresa and Beckie... this one just started this month so you'll just have time if you want to join in!

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    Hi Brooke. So glad to have you here!! Please check out the Legacy Book Challenge hosted by myself and Beckie, the GDS Collab Kit QP Exchange and the Queen of the Crop hosted by me and Amy Fenner!!!

    I think you're going to love it here!


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    Hi Brooke - great to meet you - looking forward to seeing your LOs and getting to know you :)

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    Welcome Brooke! You will love it here. Everyone is so supportive and friendly. it is a wonderfull digiscrap home.

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