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Thread: using Reflectors...

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    using Reflectors...

    Have you tryed to take photos in a sunny day? you might think sun is good but to be honest sun can be the warst enimy for a photographer. You can turn the flash on your camera but then you loose soft shades ... the best way to when you are outside or close to the window or open door is your natural light. Sun can be very harsh for that metter. Thats when its time to buy a reflector. Of course you are not going to take it with you all the time. I am just saying use it when you most need it...
    Also, good ideas is to use reflecotr when you take a photo of a newborn...turn off your flash and give a chance for natural light do its magic. Derect the reflecotor towards the baby for more natural light. You will be amazed what the difference it will make.

    Here is the example.. i was taking pics of my friends one day...for one photo my reflector just felt down and you will see a difference. See the differnce in the face? Wihtout reflecotr the face and overall photo is underexposed...thats normal for taking pics in the sun... but when you use reflector yoru photos are back to life again!I have 48 inches silver reflector that i use all the time. I got a set of reflectors (5 colors) and spent like $40 for all of them...If you get a single color ( i would recomend silver) then it will be even less money. Its a great investment! You can easily fold it to small shape too!!!
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