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Thread: Please take two seconds...

  1. Please take two seconds...

    To visit this website and send a card for free to our troops. The card designs were made by youngsters all around the United States.
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    Thanks for posting this website. I sent my card and will be forwarding the address to my friends.


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    Thank you for posting the link Holly!

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    Ok done. thanks for sharing. Hugs
    Phoenix aka Melissa - SAHM of Shania (13) and Jordan (10)

  5. that was so easy.. thanks Holly for that thread.. I copied it and sent it out in email to !

  6. Wonderful, I had received this from a dear friend with a son overseas and have sent it to all in my address book also. Thanks for continuing this link for all to send some Holiday wishes.

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    I sent a card even though I am from the UK,, I think any word of encouragement and cheer is good when you are away from home and family at Christmas

  8. just a quick bump...

  9. Thanks for that!
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