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Thread: Multi-Colored or White??

  1. Question Multi-Colored or White??

    Funny... All these years we've had multi-colored lights on our Christmas trees..seemed more fun for the munchkins. But now that I'm getting older, I'm liking the white lights... seems more elegant or something.

    So, now I can't decide, white or multi-color.. maybe I'll just let Hannah decide

    What about you? Do you prefer the white or multicolor ones?

  2. I go with the white! So many other things around the house that make the kiddies laugh, giggle and aw like animated or optic figurines, etc. So I go with the white lights on the tree!
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  3. I seem to enjoy the colored small lights on our tree. We have the white Icecycle lights all around the eves outside tho. :)

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    Both I like both!
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    If you are looking for elegant...than go for the white.....we have two young children and prefer the multi-colored lights...with some twinkles too!

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    We have White lights outside.
    Last year we started getting two trees.
    one in the entrance that is formal with white lights, pink bows and ornaments and one tree in the familyroom for the kids. Their tree has all of their ornaments they have received or made over the years and it has colored lights, which are happy and bright : ) Very fun, and It has solved the discussions we have every year of white or colored

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    red. I only decorate my little table top tre as we don't have much room and bought a string of little red lights for it. So far that is all the decorating I have done

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    I am with the kids, colored!!! I have tree allergies so we have a fake 7 foot fiber optic tree!

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    Oh, I like both. A couple years ago we splurged on a very nice 7 ft fiber optic tree. It has different plates so you can change the colors, from white to different variations of multi-color. I like the red & white plate, which is what we will use this year, with red bows, gold beaded garland and my ecclectic assortment of ornaments.

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  10. I personally prefer the multi-coloured winking lights........but I also think that Leslie's idea of getting two trees is a great idea!!

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