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Thread: Wacom Bamboo Products

  1. Wacom Bamboo Products

    Just got my Bamboo Fun in today and wanted to know how many of you out there have something similar. The pen is definately going to take some getting used to.

    Any tips on using this thing????

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    Santa is bringing me one for Christmas so I can't compare notes till then. But I'll be watching this thread!


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    I'm so planning one as my next big purchase. So let me know if its worth it when ya figure it out lol

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    I have a link with oodles and oodles of links. I will try and get that posted tomorrow. I am wanting to stay tuned as well as Dec. 25th my DD and I will be playing.


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    Ack! I'm jealous! I can only hope that Santa will provide one for Christmas, but Santa is not very perceptive. Lol. I'll probably be saving up instead. I'm looking foward to hearing how it works for you though Shana.

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    i don't have a bamboo...but i do have a Wacom tablet both at work and at home. my only real suggestion to you is to play. play like crazy!! it is a very powerful tool and can be tons of fun. i love my one a work so much that i bought one to use at home with my laptop. use it much like you would a regular pen, and just see what you can do. let me know if you have any more specific questions...i will do my best to help
    just me, jessica

  7. I played with it again today....while my students watched t.v. Yes, bad teacher....but it was wet outside and we couldn't go to recess!!!

    Anyway, I noticed it was MUCH easier to use in paint than in PS7. Don't know what was up with that. I will definately enjoy it once I play with it a while.

    After getting it yesterday, my son tells me "Oh, we have one of those in my computer class. I use it everyday. 'Cept, ours are bigger." LOL

    The small workspace on the tablet is a downside to this one. I keep running off the end and having to pick up and finish what I was doing.

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    Here are a bunch of links for those that are interested. Haven't checked it out too closely as it will be a week or so before I get to play with mine.


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