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Thread: Brag Book Page Exchange - Doreen's Walking in a Winter Wonderland

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    I just bought my kit this morning so count me in too! I guess the kids will just have to fend for themselves today! LOL!

  2. Thank you Doro and Holly. I do not mean to cause any trouble and I do see that it was an honest error that the sale came up after the brag book exchange was announced.

    I think I was having "one of those days" - I had pondered buying the template kit as well as the Winter Wonderland Kit at the time but just felt I had spent too much in the past couple of months (been taking the PS lessons here too). Then when the sale came up I saw I could have had them both for what I had paid for the kit. That kind of upset me at the time but I am over it now so no problem. I've even done my QPs and will upload them soon. :)

    Blessings to you both and thanks for understanding.

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    Here are my pages :

    Page 1 and you can see it in use here

    Page 2 and you can see it in use here

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    Ack. Sorry, I can't help you out by not using snowflakes. I LOVE snowflakes and I spend most of my time in the northernmost state, so I've got lots of snow pics. I did make more boyish type pages though since I'm one of those Moms with just a boy(s).

    I could easily have kept going and make a whole book myself but I've got Christmas presents to work on. So here's my three:

    QP 1
    QP 2
    QP 3

  6. Here is my brag book QP for the Walking in a WinterWonderland exchange.

    This was fun!

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  8. Who can resist with such an awesome kit and fabulous posting bonus...please sign me up for sure.

  9. I'm going to find time for this! Just bought it all and ready to go!

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    Here are my three pages:

    I just had a look at all the others. This is going to be a fantastic brag book!!


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