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Thread: Scripts to resize photos

  1. Scripts to resize photos

    I'm using PSE5. I also have CS2. I have a bazillion photos I took of all 3 of my boys baseball teams that I'm trying to get out to all the parents by email and would love to know if I can easily create a script to resize all these photos to a manageable email size like 5x7.

    Anyone have any ideas???
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    I never use my Photoshop to resize photos. I find those things much easier accomplished with Irfanview... - there you can do batch-processing of the photos and that includes resizing and renaming and many other things.
    Maybe that is an option for you. Irfanview is freeware.

  3. I use Microsoft's Digital Image Suite to resize a batch of photos. Came with the computer, so don't know where else you can get it (besides microsoft that is).

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