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Gwen--we actually covered one method to do this in the PSE course. Place your photo over your background, then with that layer selected, switch to your lasso tool. Set your feathering to 100 or above, then draw your shape that you want on the photo (it will indicate that edges that you want to get rid of). Then go to Select>select inverse, then hit delete. The part of the photo that you want to discard will disappear leaving your feathered photo.

You can play around with the feathering amount until you get it just the way you want. It is really very easy, once you understand what you doing.
Amy said it much better than I did! LOL! Before her class I would extract the object or person and then lower the opacity so it looked blended. That is a lot of work to achieve the look...LOL! So glad I took Amy Leigh's class and read ABitDaffy's tut!