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    Question Organizing How to Handle "BIG" Holiday Layouts

    I need help... seriously.. I can't seem to figure out how to do this. Meaning, what to scrap when the holiday layout time comes... you know, say, Halloween -- you get the Halloween kits coming at you right and left... do you wait til the holiday is over and you actually have "current year" pictures to scrap or do you find yourself catching up with years past, need to be done layouts?

    I seem to do the catch up with years past, need to be done layouts...

    Anyone have a better take on this situation???

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    I do a bit of both!! Scrap LOs of older pics which I didn't get round to doing last year, then make a start on the current ones, once I have taken thm!

  3. I always thought that it was funny that scrapkits come on sale before the holiday. Shouldn't they come out after the holiday, when we have the pictures to scrap?! :)
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    LOL so true christy..... Good point there
    Phoenix aka Melissa - SAHM of Shania (13) and Jordan (10)

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    see, that's why it's so hard.. I seem to be working from the backwards years forward cuz the kits are out so before I have the pics for the current holiday.. then by the time I get the pics, I'm sick of the whole holiday "theme"... :(

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    I use them to scrap previous years photos & for my calendar pages. I bet I find even more holiday kits to work with for this years photos.

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    I just work on whatever I feel like at the time...
    Trying to keep up with challenges / inspiration is my problem
    Then again I don't really have a lot of holiday pics here. Just not many photos for layouts. That will change...

    I have my first Christmas party of the year on Saturday, so I am taking lots of photos and making Christmas pages from them

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