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    Top 10 Photoshop Links on FinesseFx site

    Just got my November newslettter from FinesseFx - great online resource for photoshop information. I know I've posted a few threads in the past - but YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST BOOKMARK the second link below - it includes a top 10 list of photoshop resources on the internet for tutorials and free photoshop tools. And below the site's top 10 list are additional links to other photoshop sites with digital tools and techniques.

    Here are the links you should check out...

    First one is a new free Photoshop action (CS or higher per the site)

    A photo enhancing action.

    Second link YOU MUST bookmark - my FAVORITE link is to their Top 10 Links to sites with FREE actions, brushes and tutorials

    I haven't browsed them all - most of these links were already in my bookmarks BUT I did check out a site on the list that I had not seen before - or if I had - it's been a while - some great new tutorials on this one - have bookmarked it and will go back later when I have more time - it's called psdtuts

    Hope you don't mind the large type - but my eyes are older than most of your eyes and my eyes are tired right now - so the large size helps me proof what I've written here before posting it -

    We do not stop playing because we grow old...We grow old because we stop playing.

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    Thanks Helen I've just added them to my favorites. With this new program I will now be able to use these actions, now comes the learning part.
    Elaine My Blog

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    Helen your DOLL! Thanks for info! I went there once and didnt bookmark it, I will this time, I promise!!! Thanks AGAIN!

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    I'm with ya' Helen! lol
    Oh and thanks for the links!!!

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    Terrific Links Helen! Thank you so much!

  6. Thanks so much Helen! Can't get enough of these!

    The large type is just fine....after a long day I hate trying to read small type too. ;)

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    Thanks Helen. I will have to check those links out. At my new part-time sales job I have a computer and guess what is on there? PSC2....oh, yes. I am kind of excited to play with it.

    ETA Is there a way we can bookmark threads?


  8. i live at great stuff

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    Thanks Helen for the great list!

  10. Thank you, Helen. I need all the help I can get in this learning process of Photoshop. Lots of great info here.

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