Hi! The classes are work at your own pace. There is not a specific time when the classes meet. The classes are taught in a private forum. The forum is always open after the start date of the class. New lessons are posted weekly in the forum in pdf format. You can go to the class forum and download lessons and then ask questions there also. There is a special gallery set up for everyone to display their homework and see what past students have done with particular assignments. I am always available to help you and answer your questions also. Please let me know if I can answer any further questions you might have about the classes. I hope you can sign up! :)

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Hi Andrea-
Have a question. I'm thinking of signing up for the CS4 beginner class and was wondering - Are the classes done in the chat room in the class forum or just thru a thread like we do the speed scraps? I can't seem to get my chat room to work right - that's why I'm asking. My DH is buying me the CS4 for my birthday and I'd like to take the classes to learn how to use it correctly.