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    Quote Originally Posted by CrayonQueen View Post
    Yes I would like the link to the paper please! Would you mind giving me the pros and cons to printing out your l/o's at home?

    Truthfully, I see no "cons" to printing at home... it's convenient, my pages are wonderful, I can make adjustments immediately if I don't like how a printed page turns out. Print cartridges run approximately $25.00 for b/w and $35.00 for color and I go through quite a lot, about one of each every other month (might call that a

    Here is the link to the paper:

    btw- while I was there getting the link, I placed an order for 3 packs of paper - so 30 sheets and of course you get to use front and back so I count that as 2 layouts and the total was $37.77 (free shipping) so it runs approximately 65 cents a layout for paper :) ... just an fyi
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    Not all walmarts do 12x12. I asked mine and they looked at me like I was crazy. lol
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    I haven't printed any at home 12 x 12, only some at 8 x 8 for albums for the kids to browse through and a mini album for mil & great-granny. A wide format printer is on my wish list though.

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    I have an Epson R1800 printer which prints up to A3 size, and I print my layouts on A3 paper and then trim the bottom off. It's one of the best things I ever got and I also use it for making A4 size cards now and then, and printing A3 photos of my nephews for my Mum.

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    okay i hope this is not a silly ? but I was wondering
    you all say pring 8x8for regular printer at home..

    does anyone know in pixels what that would be
    I use PSP9 and my chart does not show 8x8 for some reason..
    i got 8x10 i think.
    well ya..i really want to try printing a LO..

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    Printing Layouts

    I guess I'm one of the few that usually does 8 1/2 x 11 or 8 x 10 LOs. The printer paper is less expensive, readily available, and I don't use as much ink. Frequently, I will print two 5 x 7 sizes on sheet, crop them, and put them on coordinating cardstock to put in the album, sticking them down with scrapbook safe double-sided tape. The 8 x 10's are good for framing, too, with so many frames available in that size. I can easily buy albums and refills very inexpensively for those sizes, too. We retirees have to watch our budgets carefully, so that's always a big consideration! Sometimes I'll do a 12 x 12 that's meant to stay in digital format, though. I've never printed one, or even an 8 x 8, for that matter. I always print at home.

    In January, I completed a 52 page scrapbook for my grandson's pictures taken the previous year. I'm going backwards and forwards at the same time now, doing LOs for his first year and for this year. For myself, I made a Grandmother's Brag Book in 4 x 6 format so I can carry it in my purse! I did my favorites easily by just re-sizing the elements I had already done in a larger size, and printed all of them in one day, finishing that little 48 page album very quickly! I found Post-It note printer paper on sale for half price one day, so it was really cheap to do, and they came out great! I like to do duplicates that way, too, to put on my kitchen dry-erase board. I have a Canon i850 photo printer which I refuse to ever give up; even after replacing the print head once, it cost a lot less than a new printer.

    I've been known to beg for the more unusual printer paper (canvas texture, for instance) and ink cartriges for Christmas!

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    Hi Island Princess, just keep an eye out for a new service we'll be offering real soon!!!!
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    I have another printing ?..
    I just tried printing a layout reg size printing size on Glossy Paper..HP printer..
    and the color didnt come out came kind of faded in some parts..does anyone know what would be doing that.or how to fix it..

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    Have you cleaned your print head? My printer has a maintenance area in its menu that does it for me. It isn't something you can do manually. That might help.

    Proudly CT Scrapping for Helen!
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    A grandmother's place is at the computer or behind the camera!

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    I scrap at 12 x 12 and print at 8 x 8 and I love that size. I have no trouble reading any of my jornaling at that size either. I print on 8 1/2 x 11 photo paper and then just trim them.

    As far as the color being true, be sure you don't get your fingers on the print space of your paper--the oils from your skin can cause the colors not to print right on those spots. Just try to handle on the edges as much as possible.

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